🤓 Book is 80% DONE 🥰 Whew! 😇

Ive been on the Fujifilm book now 12+ hours a day and should be done 100% before the end of the next 8 days. Proofreading etc still to do. it should be about 115 pages or so, something like that. FREE of course. I hope people like it, you never know!! I took pictures of tons of cheap adapted lenses, and rated EVERY FUJIFILM LENS MADE with a value score and overall score, that should help peeps save $$$$$$, also rated the 8 main Fujifilm cameras and what each is for. I tried to list about 90% of all the oddball tips and tricks I can think of which is a LOOOT. Theres just soooooo many pictures in the book, but theyre just pictures of gear and stuff mostly, and to save time i used (yeah i know) my phone to take the shots, otherwise id NEVER BE DONE with the book, and its only the 1st edition, i still have specifics of each camera to add in the 2nd edition