CES 2018 - NIKON Robots, Canon SUCKS and I may buy a SONY A9!!!

I had a blast at CES 2018. I checked out the new Nikon 180-400mm and even had a ride in a self driving car. These are all the things I got up to.

- Hands on with the Nikon Nikon 180-400mm review.
- Shooting dancers with the Sony A9 focussing system, its AMAZING.
- Canon created the most boring event space at CES.
- Polaroid was fun awesome and the OneStep 2 is a definite buy.
- LG TV's are incredible.
- Samsung Wall looks great but I wasn't allowed to film, weird.
- Nikon had robots.... they were amazing
- TVs that actually look like photo frames. Thank you Frame TV
- Lots of techie cars. but they had a Jeep Wrangler 2018 so that made me happy.


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