Sennheiser XSW-D Wireless System | First Look

B&H’s A.B. shows the simplicity and efficiency of Sennheiser’s XSW-D wireless digital system. With single-button operation and automatic pairing, the XSW-D offers solid sound quality with ease-of-use that makes it well suited for novices and busy veterans alike. Thanks to 2.4 GHz operation and plug-on transmitters and receivers available with XLR, 3.5mm, or ¼” jacks, it will fit in nicely in a variety of setups. There’s even a version tailor-made for guitarists with pedalboards. The XSW-D boasts low latency, up to 250’ range, 5-hour battery life, automatic interference management, and unity gain for operation that won’t get in the way of your workflow. The popular ME-2 lavalier microphone is included with the XSW-D, though other mics can be incorporated. Use up to five independent systems simultaneously, and pick from an array of sets to meet the demands of different configurations and scenarios.

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